Gotham – The Blind Fortune Teller review

After the Jonathan Crane/ Scarecrow arc in the last two episodes, we have an episode that introduces Robin’s parents The Flying Graysons and the Haly Circus. Both Jim Gordon and Leslie Thompkins went out on a date to watch the circus until they witness a brawl within two families in the circus who never got along for generations. This is quite a twist to see how Robin’s parents get married. At this point, Dick Grayson isn’t born but will soon be by the end of the episode.

They build up to the epic moment of Bruce Wayne speaking at the Wayne Manor concerning the future of the company and the family legacy. This foreshadows what he will do as an adult when he’s not Batman.

Jim Gordon and Leslie Thompkins are trying to balance out both their personal and working relationships as there’s tension and sparks between them, but I hope the writers don’t get too caught up in this as there are others storylines going on in Gotham such as Fish Mooney’s rise to power in prison. I wonder how this is going to lead to another power struggle with Penguin, who is running her club with her man Butch thanks to Sal Maroni.

The actor who is playing the possible Joker has him nailed down as he sounds like Heath Ledger and bears a resemblance to young Jack Nicholson. I wouldn’t mind having him around as he can start out being the Red Hood before being the Joker. Besides him hanging around at the circus makes sense considering he’s an evil laughing clown. Joker is a mysterious villain because we know next to nothing about him in terms of his origin and not even Killing Joke answered this question either.

They clearly don’t know what to do with both Selina Kyle and Barbara Keane because Selina is like a random element when she’s not in a storyline with Bruce while Barbara has not come across well as a damsel in distress. Now we see them forging a bond before Barbara witnesses both Gordon and Thompkins kissing each other that causes her to walk off in a temper tantrum. I’m not sure if Barbara is going to survive the first season.

Good episode overall that launches that final 5 episodes for the rest of the first season.


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