Arrow – The Return review

The episode shows Oliver and Thea going to the island to train against Ra’s Al Ghul at the behest of Malcolm Merlyn. As Oliver checks in on the island’s prison, he finds out that his old enemy has escaped thanks to Merlyn. I thought Slade was past Shado’s death here, but the producers are going for an epilogue feel to this feud between Oliver and Slade as they stated they wanted to take him in a new direction. This was also Thea’s opportunity for revenge against Slade for killing their mother from last season. In the end, she didn’t kill or she’d be like Oliver. Unfortunately, his return took a backseat.

This was also the most flashback-heavy episode ever since they show Oliver secretly back in Starling City to find out what his loved ones have been up to in his absence. This was right before the first season so we get to see season 1 versions of several cast members. It’s a look back to see how the show has evolved in the last few years. They were supposed to have Moira Queen but she turned them down. In the flashbacks, both Diggle and Felicity were unnecessary as they didn’t add anything to it. Oliver and Maseo were on a mission to get something for Amanda Waller and the government. As he accomplished his mission, he gets another deal from Waller and the government in return to head back home.

The only other characters we saw in the present day are Dinah Laurel and her father after learning about Sarah’s death, but Quentin feels that Dinah Laurel betrayed their trust. This could change things between them as well as he and Arrow for the rest of the season. I have to wonder if Quentin is going to be the latest casualty in this season after the last season saw Moira’s death. Also, more secrets were out as Thea learns from Oliver that she killed Sarah under the drug influence and it could complicate things between the Queens and Lances. I can see a fight between Dinah Laurel and Thea down the line.

It’s a refresher to focus on someone else instead of Felicity as this and last episode was about Thea. Good episode overall.


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