Star Wars Rebels – Rebel Resolve review

The second part of the season finale arc picks up where Call To Action left off. Kanan is being captured, interrogated, and tortured by the Empire, led by Grand Moff Tarkin who doesn’t believe Kanan is a Jedi until the Inquisitor proves otherwise. Kanan knew how to frustrate the Inquisitor after several battles between them. What this episode was really about is Ezra showing his resolve to rescue his master and how the team functions without Kanan as their leader. This causes Hera to step up as she’s second-in-command, but she gets an order from Fulcrum to not rescue Kanan and go into hiding. That created tensions within the group as Ezra sets out to rescue Kanan without her knowledge.

Ezra, Zeb, and Sabine work well together in trying to get information and Chopper is the most useful here than any other episode to date. Chopper impersonates an Imperial astromech droid to get information while the Rebels get the actual Imperial astromech droid, whom Zeb likes better than Chopper. In pure Chopper fashion, he pushes the Imperial astromech droid out of the Ghost ship as only he can. The reactions of both Ezra and Zeb are priceless.

This is the penultimate episode towards the season finale as they learn where they’re taking Kanan – to Mustafar, where Obi-Wan and Anakin fought and where Jedi die. I expect that things will get darker from this moment onwards and I have a feeling the season finale is going to be a game changer. Great episode overall.


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