Arrow – Nanda Parbat review

The episode saw the return of Ra’s and Nyssa Al Ghul and Marc Singer debuting as General Shrieve in flashbacks. Seeing that secrets were out in last episode, things go down south for Oliver who has plans to protect Malcolm and Thea. As Thea told Dinah Laurel, it didn’t sit well with Oliver while Dinah Laurel tries to go at Malcolm for killing Sarah. We find out that Thea was the one who contacted them to make Malcolm face justice. I wish the threat of Ra’s Al Ghul had better stakes than just Thea. I was glad Oliver got even with Nyssa from earlier in the season.

The other storyline saw Ray Palmer working on a suit to fight crime in Starling City and Felicity realizes he’s on the same path as both Oliver and Barry. She tries to get him out of the lab, but to no avail as Palmer finally completes the suit and begins flying. This was the producers nod to Brandon Routh’s past as Superman from Superman Returns. Just as Flash has Firestorm, Arrow has both Black Canary and Atom. If Black Canary and Atom are not part of Team Arrow, I can see them forming their own group that could be a foreshadowing of the Justice League.

Oliver and Diggle set out to rescue Malcolm from the League of Assassins at Nanda Parbat, but Ra’s turns the tables on them when he offers Oliver to be his heir. It may not sit well with his daughter, Nyssa, nor members of Team Arrow. This is the cliffhanger until sometime in next month. Now it has joined the Flash for another hiatus. An okay episode out of a mixed third season.


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