Farewell Harve Bennett 1930-2015

Film and TV producer Harve Bennett passed away on Wednesday. He was 84 years old and it’s less than a week after Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy recently passed away. Harve produced TV shows such as Mod Squad, Six Billion Dollar Man, and Bionic Woman. Then after the success of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, he created the first of several sequels after watching all of the episodes of the original Star Trek series. Out of those episodes, he chose Space Seed and had Khan returning for Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan. Bennett was responsible for rescuing Star Trek and creating a franchise as he had also produced Star Treks 3, 4, and 5. He even acted in Star Trek 5 as a Starfleet Admiral. His involvement with Star Trek ended when he tried to write a prequel about the original crew’s days at Starfleet Academy in time for Star Trek’s 25th Anniversary. Ultimately it was shelved and it ended his association with Star Trek. According to Leonard Nimoy, Harve was described as a military general when he’s the producer. After Star Trek, he worked on a couple of TV series and animated series. Harve’s contributions to Star Trek is significant and cemented. He will be missed by all Star Trek fans worldwide.


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