TNA Impact 3/13 review

Up until the London shows, the rest of the UK tour felt lackluster compared to last year. It didn’t have that big moment feel that it usually has whenever TNA goes to the UK annually. You can see that they’re saving the best for last with London. Upon watching last night’s Impact, this was the best episode under their run with Destination America and the feuds here are personal. I think personal feuds are the way to go in TNA and it gives us insights as to what the wrestlers are fighting for besides championships. They’re fighting for their families, money, respect, friendship, and the love for the wrestling industry.

The night started with a Last Man Standing match between Bobby Roode and Eric Young where these two men beat the tar out of each other from bell to bell. A lot of the high-impact moves wowed the UK crowd. This is the tone they were setting for the night’s show. It was all built towards the finish when Roode used his finishing maneuver on EY from the ring and through a table that was placed outside the ring. It should be the end capper, but spoilers from last night’s taping said otherwise because I don’t see how they can top this. It’s time for both men to be in new directions.

Then we have Drew Galloway cutting a promo about standing up for the wrestling fans and the industry while he’s confronted by the BDC. They had an impromptu match between Drew and MVP that resulted in a DQ win for Drew as the BDC interfered and Low Ki really wanted to get even with Drew for the pipe shot that cut him open behind his ear. It was payback when Low Ki hit Drew in the head with the pipe. You can say it was Drew’s initiation into TNA. I also had a sense that Samoa Joe couldn’t wait to leave the company. With him gone, I didn’t really miss him and he isn’t a big loss to TNA like AJ Styles was.

The next feud was between former friends Magnus and Bram as they were brawling all over the arena for everything Bram had done to both Magnus and his fiance, Mickie James. However, Bram showed why he’s one of the top heels for TNA when he put his hands on Mickie James while Magnus was handcuffed to the ring. He humiliated Magnus by having him kiss his boot in front of her as Bram let her go. This gives Bram heel heat and he could be in a position to dethrone EC3 as the top heel. Having two consecutive matches that end in DQ would have bothered most viewers, but we were too caught up to notice.

From there was the intermission intergender match between former lovers, Robbie E and Brooke Tessmacher. This was okay, but I wonder if this feels out of place with the rest of the show because of its comedic tone that was in contrast to the more serious tone of the other feuds. However, this qualifies as a personal feud because they were lovers who broke up after the Amazing Race reality show. I hope this is end capper, but I can’t see TNA being serious about having Robbie E as World Champion material. FK9 sure doesn’t see it at all!!

Then comes the main event that the show was built around. It’s hair vs. hair match between former friends Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud. EC3’s undefeated streak was on the line as well. A lot of emotions were into this match and this was one hell of a main event as it elevated EC3 as the top heel for TNA and Spud as the underdog babyface who would make Ricky Morton of the Rock N Roll Express proud. Writers these days take the easy way out by writing about the villain rather than the hero, but here is an example of the hero being cool as well. They said there was going to be blood in this match and it sure was. Spud is up there with Ric Flair in terms who can bleed the most. Despite the valiant heartfelt effort from Spud, EC3 wins and his undefeated streak continues. Let’s not forget what this feud was about – it was about Spud letting Dixie being powerbombed through the table at the hands of Bully Ray. To see it end with EC3 leaving in victory and Spud being hanged upside down in the tree of woe tells the end of the feud between them. They have the potential to carry TNA to new heights and it’s time for both men to go in separate directions from this point onwards.

The best episode of Impact out of their tenure in Destination America and one that bears repeated viewing again and again. Even the critics and haters took notice.


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