TNA Impact 3/20/15 review

After the previous Impact that was hit with the series low under Destination America, this Impact stepped up many fold where it was built around the World title match between Kurt Angle and Bobby Lashley. TNA hyped it as these men never met inside the ring. It’s one of their dream matches that was PPV quality. Actually, this Impact felt like a PPV than the PPV-themed Impacts do. They followed both Angle and Lashley from their locker rooms to the ring as they would in the UFC. It shows the importance of the main event, which had star power while the one between EC3 and Rockstar Spud didn’t despite the hard work and effort they put in. They had this one right and Angle wins the title so this may mark the beginning of the end for him in TNA.

Impact opened up with an Ultimate X for the Tag Team titles that involved the Wolves, the Revolution’s Manik and the Great Sanada, and Bro Mans’ Zema Ion and Jesse Godderz. All 6 men put up a great showing and they were smart to put Zema instead of Robbie E after coming off an embarrassing defeat at the hands of Brooke Tessmacher. No way would they put Robbie E in this match as it would bring it notches down. The Wolves retained and I don’t think this match was promoted by TNA well.

Samoa Joe went up against Austin Aries and TNA hyped this to be his last match for him, but Samoa Joe didn’t know it at the time and neither did the locker room. It was for the World title briefcase that the BDC stole from Aries, who won by DQ and got it back. Here’s the part I liked – they transitioned from one feud to the next when as soon as Aries left with his briefcase, Rockstar Spud comes out with his to cash in the X-Division title show. Already he defeats Low Ki with Spike Dudley’s move to win the X-Division. Nice moment there for Spud and one well-deserved after coming off a hot feud with EC3. I wish we had EC3’s reaction as well as an interview with Spud.

Matt Hardy and James Storm’s No-DQ match was something that should have corrected their first one where Matt went over. This time it was Storm who went over, but all this does is set up for Jeff Hardy’s return when TNA returns from the UK. Storm has proven to be one of the top heels, but this Kevin Sullivan-like gimmick spells all kinds of wrong for him.

The 3-way Knockouts match for the KO title involving Taryn Terrell, Gail Kim, and Awesome Kong is the second biggest highlight to the main event. These three women can go and showed why they are better than the WWE Divas. The story of the match involves Taryn being frustrated that she can’t put away Awesome Kong like Gail has in the past and this foreshadows a heel turn for her. I’m serious, but the Knockouts need their own TV show and take over the X-Division.

The feud between Magnus and Bram is something that we should have gotten from both Bobby Roode and Eric Young. These two men really hate each other and at one point we saw Magnus powerbombing Bram on the entrance stage. Mickie James gets involved and she gets on top of Bram to beat the heck out of him. If WWE wasn’t going to go for the intergender stuff, you can bet TNA will go there to differentiate themselves from them.

Was this better than the previous Impact? Of course as this one had star power. I hope future Impacts are like these last two, along with the Feast or Fired one. TNA puts in the time and effort into their shows more than WWE does right now. Keep the momentum going!!


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