Arrow – Public Enemy review

Picking up where last episode left off with Starling City’s mayor being killed by an arrow, the action picks up where an impostor Arrow targets the rest but Ray Palmer ends getting an arrow to his chest and was taken to the hospital. This prompts Detective Lance to announce a manhunt against Arrow and his team as well as putting him at odds with Dinah Laurel, who tries to reason with him. Oliver gets help from Nyssa concerning the whereabouts of Ra’s Al Ghul and his men. Their confrontation leads to a chase on Team Arrow by the Starling City police. I enjoyed that things got intense throughout the episode and Oliver was at his most vulnerable.

The storyline with Felicity, Ray, and Felicity’s mother was the second storyline and Felicity’s mother appeared out of nowhere. No doubt they are making Ray as the Iron Man of the DCU TV universe. I don’t know how no one caught Felicity injecting nanotech inside Palmer when there are cameras watching them.

I felt cheated by the flashbacks because we thought that Shado has returned, but out of nowhere they made her as Shado’s twin sister. I don’t know if they’re trying to provide closure to the Shado story or her sister could appear in present time as the new Shado to honor her sister’s memory much like Dinah Laurel is becoming Black Canary to honor Sarah’s memory.

They portrayed Detective Lance like a fool as he decides to arrest Oliver Queen just because Ra’s Al Ghul told him his secret identity. In other words, Detective Lance has no evidence and is doing this out of pure vendetta just because Sarah died. They ended the episode with Roy taking the fall for Oliver by impersonating him. Problem here is that Detective Lance already knew that Roy is Arsenal and yet ends up falling for this. This episode was told from Detective Lance’s perspective.

Good episode for the action and intensity, but not a good episode for Detective Lance.


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