iZombie – Liv and Let Clive review

As the series starts to find its way, we delve into some backstories of some of these characters starting with Clive as to who he was before now. As Liv and Ravi were looking into the body of an Asian gang member, Liv gains memories of Clive being involved with them as he displayed a darker side of himself that even scares Liv. Clive didn’t want her help as this was something he had to do on his own, so Liv did her own investigating about Clive such as talking with his former partner who revealed that he got suspended and no one wanted to work with him again. Along the way Liv gains the ability to do martial arts that was paid off in the climax. I hope we get more backstories on some of these characters.

Liv has other problems in her home front when she’s visited by her brother, who needed to get away from their mother for a good report card that had B’s. He almost saw Liv’s secret as a zombie. Major needed a roommate and got one in Ravi as they clicked in the morgue. This helps bring Liv and Ravi closer than Liv would with Clive. I’m not sure if the relationship between Liv and Clive will be the same after this episode. Nice pop culture references like Batman and video stores.

Meanwhile, the evil zombie guy has two of the henchmen doing jobs for them and get paid, but they also get killed by him. We see the beginnings of his true plan and one of the other zombie henchmen resembles Solomon Grundy. A good episode overall that continues to hold steady in the ratings.


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