iZombie – Flight of the Living Dead review

After last week’s episode that focused on Clyde, we’re back to focusing on Liv when one of her old college classmates has died during the skydiving stint. This has hit close to home for Liv because she and the victim, Holly, were college roommates and Liv helped kicked Holly out of the sorority fraternity because of Holly being free spirited and adventurous. As they were searching for the killer, Liv has found a zombie that could be her potential love interest.

Meanwhile, Major is searching for a couple of his friends who have disappeared in the last several episodes. We also see Clyde’s boss who may turn out to be a zombie judging by eating the hot sauce. Even Liv got to meet Clyde’s boss. I have to wonder if the whole Seatlle town is full of zombies.

The only traits that Liv picked up from Holly is being free spirited and adventurous as she’s riding her bicycle around town. I’m telling you, I may not care for zombies but I’m making an exception for this since it’s based on the comics. Not much happening in this episode, but a good one overall.


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