The Flash – All-Star Team Up review

There was plenty of hype surrounding this episode when Felicity and Ray Palmer of Arrow come to Central City to get Palmer’s Atom suit be fixed after his fight with Oliver back in Arrow. Upon watching this episode, it left me disappointed in several areas. There was chemistry between Palmer and Cisqo, but there wasn’t really any between Palmer and Barry Allen who are supposed to be future members of the Justice League. Their team-up was okay, but I expected more out of it as they should have done a lot more together. The villain for this episode was the Bee Queen who was fired from Mercury Labs by Dr. Tina McGhee, who also served her purpose regarding the revelations concerning Dr. Wells. How nice of Felicity to have her own nemesis in computer hacking, but what about the Clock King from Arrow?

This episode would also see how Eddie Thawne handles Barry Allen’s secrets and it has been negative on their relationship. If things do continue to go further down south between Eddie and Iris, we may see the beginnings of the Allen-Thawne family feud that the comics would portray them. I can’t believe the writers would even go there knowing it was never going to work with Iris, but if there was one thing that saw her useful is that she investigating Star Labs on her own.

Speaking of Cisqo, the original timeline from Out of Time is alive and well and it’s in the form of his dreams. But this is actually his display of the powers that would tap into other dimensions. It also furthered the plot involving Dr. Wells as well provide more revelations in addition to Dr. McGhee’s. I see the birth of the superhero named Vibe coming.

An okay episode at best, but I just wish they leave some of that stuff with Iris out.


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