Gotham – The Anvil and The Hammer review

We are in the penultimate episode of the first season where the storyline involving the Ogre reaches its conclusion. The whole Ogre storyline revolves around a character most viewers didn’t care for in Barbara Keane, but ironic that this would be her best performance. She’s better suited to be villainous than a damsel. The turning point for her was when she wanted the Ogre to kill her parents of all people. The conclusion was unsatisfying because Jim Gordon was tracking down this guy for the last few episodes and this was their only scene together. Also why would Jim Gordon try to care about an ex-girlfriend when he’s in a relationship with Dr. Leslie Thompkins, which seems to be working?

After the last two episodes that saw Selina Kyle making that turn, she sits out for this episode as it’s left to Bruce to use the key she stole and try to get access to a Wayne Manor secret safe. Unfortunately, that exec already knew of Bruce and Selina’s plans before it even happened. We are also introduced to young Lucius Fox, who will be a supporter for Bruce down the line in his adult years. Bruce opened up to Alfred about what happened to Reggie and what Selina did as this causes Alfred to be weary of Selina from this point onwards. Selina may not be happy about it as I can see both of them growing apart until their adult years as Batman and Catwoman.

Meanwhile, Edward Nygma is dealing with the consequences of his actions from last episode and his rise to become the Riddler continues. If this season is about the rise of the Penguin, then the second season would be about the Riddler. He may not be in the Gotham police for long.

Penguin is instigating the war between Carmine Falcone and Sal Maroni so that he can be the only boss. He also feels that Jim Gordon owes him a favor whether he likes it or not as it was one-sided. The episode ends with Maroni and his men making the first move and it causes the Gotham police to have their leaves cancelled to deal with the situation. A good cliffhanger towards the season finale. A solid episode at best.


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