Arrow – Al Sah-Him review

The writers are having trouble writing Oliver throughout this season as this was his weakest season than the last two. He is coming across as someone who is lost and struggling while Dinah Laurel Lance has a stronger sense of justice in comparison. There in lies the problem because the only way they made Oliver more compelling was making him evil by being the heir to Ra’s Al Ghul. Ironic that the writers feel comfortable writing Oliver this way instead of being the good guy in the present and his flashbacks were more interesting as well. There is a reason I liked the Green Arrow from Smallville than this one, but the fights in this show are superior.

It was most of the ladies in the show that made it worthwhile such as Dinah Laurel, Thea, and Nyssa while Team Arrow is falling apart. You can see the divide between the two camps. For instance, Diggle wishes that Nyssa turned herself in because his wife is kidnapped by Oliver and Dinah Laurel steps in to defend her. I like that Dinah Laurel reminded both Diggle and Felicity what they are fighting for. It’s this leadership quality that got her into the Justice League in the first place. The relationship between Dinah Laurel and Nyssa was the highlight and we see Nyssa opening up more than any other episode she appeared in.

Thea makes her debut as Speedy when she stopped Oliver from killing Diggle and we get to see some real scenes between her and Felicity. She has what it takes to be out in the field after training with both Oliver and Malcolm. I am hoping for a fight between her and Oliver in the next two episodes, but they set up for the next one where she learns through Felicity that Roy is alive. Thea is right about Felicity being a terrible liar, but she’s also terrible at keeping secrets as well and to a lesser extant, Dinah Laurel, when she told Nyssa about what happened to Oliver.

A much better episode than last week’s, but the writers need to tone it down with Felicity because she continues to lose points for me.


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