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iZombie – Dead Air review

The latest episode was Liv and Clive investigating the death of a radio talk host, whose topic is sex and relationships. As Liv picks up her brain, she suddenly becomes an expert in sex and relationships and this makes Clive uncomfortable to the point of refusing to open up.

We see Liv and her boyfriend having sex for the first time since Liv became a zombie and she’s feeling happy than before. It’s also her first time being happy since becoming a zombie as well. Meanwhile Ravi is eyeing on Peyton but gets bitten by a zombie rat. I wonder if he’s going to become a zombie himself eventually.

Meanwhile, Major is investigating Jerome’s disappearance while having relationship problems and Liv sees the truth when she sees the evil zombie thus being the cliffhanger for the next episode.

Good episode as I hope the see Liv doing some action stuff again in a while. One thing I liked about this series is a investigative whodunnit mystery series, which is the type of stuff I liked as a child.



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