Arrow – This Is Your Sword review

In the penultimate episode, the hype of it was the wedding between Oliver and Nyssa Al Ghul that was forced by Ra’s Al Ghul and it was part of Oliver’s ascension in the League. We see that once they’re married, they are bound by it until death. Actually this opens up more possibilities between Oliver and Nyssa as I’m more interested in this pairing than Oliver and Felicity that is on the verge of being played out throughout the season. The wedding didn’t happen until the end while Oliver’s friends and allies were held captive in the chambers.

The highlights of the episode were the fight between Oliver’s friends and the League of Assassins. Each character in that fight scene has his or her moments, but the one that stood out the most was Katana and her husband, Maseo. Their fight was epic and the death of Maseo at the hands of Katana was beautiful, emotional, and tragic as it parallels the flashbacks where their son died from the virus. Katana made her debut and resembles the New 52 except for the lack of facepaint. Atom got his moment when he flew to stop the Ra’s plane and you can see that it’s a tribute to his past role as Superman from Superman Returns. He is a cross between Captain Atom and Iron Man if you ask me.

The friendship between Oliver and Diggle is falling apart as Diggle lost respect and trust in Oliver over what he did to his family. Suddenly Oliver was playing Ra’s and the League the whole time was a sign of lazy writing. Their priorities are still on Oliver and Felicity than anything else and I’m not interested in the fourth season if it’s going to be the same as this one. I think we’re seeing the seeds of the dynamic change in Team Arrow, which is falling apart.

The other storyline was the final reunion between Thea and Roy that served as both a closure to Roy and a passing of the torch from Arsenal to Speedy. The way they closed it was lame as it ended with Roy disappearing from her and on the run once again after he quit his job at the car repair shop. He left her with the red Arsenal suit that’s tailored for her. We know where this is leading to in the season finale.

If the end of the episode was a cliffhanger, it has failed since the promo showed that they’re alive in the season finale so this makes this section of the episode redundant and pointless. It’s supposed to be a penultimate episode to the season finale and stakes needed to be a lot higher than this. An okay episode with the highlight being Katana for me.


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