Gotham – First Season review

Gotham is the first Batman or Batman-related live-action TV series on Fox since the 1966 Adam West TV series. Between that time, Batman only had the movies and animation. It is a prequel series that’s set before the time of Batman and it stars a young Jim Gordon before he was Commissioner. He comes to Gotham to restore law and order against corruption in the city that even exists in its police department. Gordon is also investigating the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne leaving young Bruce an orphan who is raised by his butler, Alfred Pennyworth. We see characters before they become their iconic villainous selves such as Oswald Cobblepot, Selina Kyle, Edward Nygma, and Ivy.

Jim Gordon is paired up with fellow detective named Harvey Bullock. They are good cop and bad cop. Gordon goes by the rules while Bullock breaks them to get what he wants. Their difference in styles often results in personality and working clashes throughout the seasons, but eventually they work well together as their differences are ironed out. Gordon had a love interest in Barbara Keane, whom we found out is psychotic and the appearance of a villain named Ogre helped brought that out. Apparently the relationship between Jim and Barbara didn’t work out and they brought in Dr. Leslie Thompkins as Gordon’s new love interest. Immediately they clicked in comparison and it lead to a catfight between Barbara and Leslie in season finale.

Bruce Wayne and Alfred are in the Wayne Manor most of the time in the first season until the occasional storylines that see Bruce out of the manor. Bruce was investigating his parents’ murder and learned that Wayne Enterprises had something to do with it. He gains a potential ally in the company named Lucius Fox. The end of the season saw Bruce and Alfred discovering a secret passage at Wayne Manor that will be the Batcave.

The kind of criminals who ruled Gotham’s underworld were the regular kind and it consists of two crime factions. One led by Carmine Falcone and the other led by Sal Maroni. Gordon, Bullock, and the Gotham police are caught in the middle of it. The two main villains were Oswald Cobblepot and the made-for-TV character named Fish Mooney. Their rivalry started at the pilot and it ended in the season finale thus leaving Penguin as the lone victor. Gotham’s criminal underworld has changed as a result. Oswald Cobblepot was the standout of the series.

Edward Nygma worked in the police department as its scientist who speaks in riddles thus foreshadowing his career in crime. He was in a relationship with Ms. Pringle and killed her boyfriend who abused her. It was a turning point for Nygma that also brought out his inner torment to the fore. Selina Kyle is a teenage street girl who steals and jumps from building to building. She witnessed the murder of the Waynes that’s a twist to Batman’s origins. She struck a friendship with Bruce until they dealt with Alfred’s old friend Reggie, whom Selina killed thus changing things between them. Since then Selina was under the wing of Fish until her Fish’ apparent death at the hands of Penguin.

The first season saw appearances of the rogues or a version of them like Harvey Dent, a professor trying to get rid of fears, someone laughing like the Joker, crooks wearing the red hood, and a serial killer called the Ogre. Gotham is Batman’s answer to Superman’s Smallville. It was a success that results in the second season renewal.


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