iZombie – Patriot Brains review

Picking up from last episode, Liv discovers the truth concerning Jerome, her boyfriend, and zombie villain, Blaine, that causes her to end the relationship altogether. She realizes Major was telling the truth as she told him to stay away, but she should have known better that he was not going to do so. As they make out one last time, they had a chance to take down Blaine once and for all but there was hesitation on Liv’s part over concerns that she would be a killer like Blaine. Unfortunately for her, Blaine turned the tables and killed Liv’s boyfriend thus ending the guest-star’s run in the show.

The latest brain that Liv eats causes her to train like a navy seal or an army soldier while she and Clyde investigate a case involving a sniper. Meanwhile, Ravi is waiting 12 after he gets bitten by a zombie rat. Is he hoping to become a zombie like Liv and Blaine? Also Ravi has just formed a relationship with Peyton and nothing came out of it because Peyton was not in the episode. A good solid episode that is building toward a confrontation between Liv and Blaine.


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