The Flash – Fast Enough Season Finale review

The season finale for the Flash is here and after defeating Eobard Thawne/ Dr. Wells in last episode with the help of Arrow and Firestorm, Barry interrogates Wells about his hatred for him and we never got the answer nor did we get it throughout the season. Wells was manipulating Barry and his friends from his prison cell by offering Barry a life-changing choice to change the past by saving his mother while he gets to go back to his future.

Throughout the episode there was a lot of character moments and relationships with Barry and his friends as they were calculating what Wells proposed. They discovered that Barry reaching more than Mach 2 would produce a portal into the time stream itself. The dilemma they discovered that a singularity or black hole would be formed and the world would be consumed. Unfortunately, we were supposed to root for Barry but we ended up giving him heat for being selfish.

The world was in chaos from the singularity all because Barry wanted to see his mother. The voice of reason is his father, who tells him of the consequences of changing the past and everything they knew would be erased. In the end, Barry listened to his future self than Wells and stopped him from going back to the future. The tragic twist was the death of Eddie Thawne, who shot and killed himself causing Eobard Thawne to be erased from existence. That was when the singularity came back out again and Barry put aside emotion to deal with it thus ending it on a clifhanger.

The special effects were good in this episode. Iris was being likable in this episode than the whole entire season, which is sad. Eddie Thawne is the Flash equivalent of Tommy Merlyn and there were hints of where he was heading, especially during the time he was kidnapped by Wells. As soon as he saw the byline from the future and what Wells told him, there was the point of no-return for him.

We saw hints of what both Cisco and Caitlin will become. Cisqo discovers that he has the ability to tap into alternate timelines and Wells reveals that he was affected by the particle accelerator. When Barry went through time, he saw glimpses of his past, present, and future. Among them was the Flash Museum, the upcoming DC Legends of Tomorrow spinoff, himself in handcuffs, and Caitlin Snow as Killer Frost. It reminds me of 2001 when Dave Bowman flew through the stars. There was also the helmet of original Flash, Jay Garrick, which may give hints about his upcoming appearance in season 2.

I wish Professor Martin Stein was used more in the Flash so that he would be a counterpoint to Dr. Wells. He could have taken Wells’ place to run Star Labs after Wells turned evil. Ronnie Raymond and Caitlin get married but Ronnie didn’t turn into Firestorm in this episode. There was a deleted scene where he demonstrates his matter-altering power to Caitlin.

A very good season finale to end the Flash’s first season. Later on, I will be reviewing the first season.


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