iZombie – Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat review

The penultimate episode saw Liv becoming a liability to her loved ones, including Peyton who now knows the truth about her. While we didn’t see Peyton’s reaction, she ended up leaving as it caused Liv to think about how her actions with Stephen affected her friends and family. Usually the series is a mixture of horror and comedy, but here the episode went horror and usually shows iZombie’s best work. I don’t know why Peyton is the only one who is a recurring guest star while everyone else are series regular. Could this also be Peyton’s final episode?

Major’s storyline is picking up steam when he’s kidnapped by Blaine and his minions. What is complicating is that Major, whom Liv wants to marry, plans to kill all zombies and that includes Liv. I have a feeling that Major may be the one to go in the season finale since he found out. Out of everyone in the first season, only Clyde doesn’t know about Zombies nor does he know about Liv being a zombie.

Heartbreaking for Ravi that he was supposed to be out on a date with Peyton and she ends leaving before he arrives. He created another zombie rat, but he is working on a cure for the zombies including Liv. Pretty interesting to see Clyde eating brains yet thinks they’re mushrooms. Good penultimate episode.


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