iZombie – Blaine’s World Season Finale review

Everything comes to a head when Liv plays God to decide who lives, who dies, and who gets cured and that has been happening throughout the episode even at the end. It comes down to Liv, Blaine, and Major. Liv has the cure from Ravi to be free of being a zombie thus hoping to avoid being killed by Major, who wants to kill all zombies. Unfortunately, things don’t turn out that way when Blaine turns the tables on them and Liv did the unthinkable using Blaine as a guinea pig for the cure to see if it works or not.

I thought both Major and Blaine were going to be the ones to go, but fortunately it’s not the case. This episode belongs to Major more than Liv as he finally knows Liv’s secret after Peyton learned it last episode thus leaving. I’m looking forward to see how it all changes between Liv and Major.

The one who did go was the Police chief who was secretly a zombie and committed an arson that resulted in his death, but injures Liv’s younger brother. The season finale ends with Liv deciding whether her brother should live or die thus keeping in line with her playing God. Ravi didn’t do much in this episode other than working a cure. Good season finale to end the series’ first season and I will be doing a review of the show’s first season later this week.


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