Respect Lost In The Pro Wrestling Fandom

Yesterday on the weekend I was posting on a pro wrestling site called 411mania in the disqus comment section and got a response from a poster whom I thought I had respect for and got along with until he called me out for being a coward. This caused problems between us as he name called me and accused me of lying about him where I wrote about him on a site called TNA Mecca. What I posted at Mecca was based on the things he said about TNA such as their viewership not mattering and that they’re not in the Top 100 in cable rankings. Well, neither was Ring of Honor. I didn’t lie about him nor twisted his words.

I flagged his comments and warned him not to start things with me that he cannot finish. The posts that I did at Mecca was 2 weeks ago and he waited 2 weeks to respond to me. I know he posts in Mecca from time to time. If he had a problem with what I posted at Mecca, all he had to do was go there and post a response immediately. Ironic that he called me a coward while he waited 2 weeks. Living up to my name, I’ve had the last word with him before it was deleted by the mods at 411. Matter of fact, the 411mania mods have taken his side and deleted mine because I discovered that site does not like TNA thus diminishes their credibility. I’ve been with 411 for years until yesterday so I stopped going there and switch to another wrestling site with a lot more credibility.

Never get on my bad side, disrespect me, or start something you can’t finish and that goes to other pro wrestling fans. At the end of the day, I am a fan of one wrestling organization called TNA and he turned against TNA while defending Ring of Honor (ROH). For him to make requests doesn’t fly with me because I don’t have to adhere to the request of a TNA hater. I will defend my favorite wrestling organization such as TNA to the very end. Unfortunately, the fallout happened between us and my respect for him was lost.


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