Tensions Still There In Pro Wrestling Fandom

Not too long after I posted by last blog, I discovered the other poster’s twitter and discovered that he had tweeted about me about my comments about the TNA haters making TNA relevant since our incident this past weekend. Too bad for him, it’s true because they talk about TNA whether positive or negative instead of their own favorite promotions. Also in his tweet that he saw my post about him and his ratings talk about TNA and ROH on June 18. So he waited 10 days to respond, go figure. He sure wasn’t mad when he saw my posts when he tweeted it. Instead he waited for me in 411 so he can trash me. Heck of a coward for doing that.

Judging from his twitter, he’s obsessed with TNA Mecca yet bashes it. It’s true that he posts there from time to time, but this is in line with my point in that he could have went over to Mecca and responded to my post if he had a problem with it.

Also in his tweets, he was touching upon my comment about Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley. I guess what happened this past weekend wasn’t the first time he thought I was a clown. Actually it is true about Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley considering the timing of it that’s too coincidental. So hey, he didn’t make me look bad in his twitter, he actually made me more relevant and I thank him for that. If only he’s man enough to respond to my posts at TNA Mecca if he has a problem with it instead of tip toeing around there.

No wonder he gets a negative reputation among the wrestling fans as he’s banned left and right  from many places. I guess I shouldn’t have wasted my time with a TNA hater. I’m proud to be a pro wrestling fan, but I’m a fan of TNA wrestling since 2004. I will defend it to the very end.


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