Gotham – Knock Knock review

The second episode picked up the intensity left by the premiere when the villains make their presence known. One thing, Penguin is not in this one nor is he needed for every episode as the last season was about him. This season is about the other villains starting with the potential future Joker named Jerome, who is showing why he may be that Clown Prince of Crime. After all, it’s Gotham’s version of the villain as the movies and animation had their versions. He is a combination of both Jack Nicholson’s and Heath Ledger’s Jokers, yet made it unique to be his own. I think he will be the stand out for this season as Penguin was in the first season. I will be disappointed if Jerome gets killed off after Fox promoted him as the future Joker.

We see the friction between Bruce and Alfred as when Bruce gets close to the answers, Alfred does what he thought was best and that’s to destroy the computer that could contain everything about Wayne Enterrprises. As a result, Bruce fires Alfred and re-hires him on the condition that he will continue his training and will do as he says. Later on, we see Alfred and Lucius Fox interact to be Bruce’s support against crime. It’s nice to see Bruce showing intellligence and maturity that is foreshadowing for the Batman.

Barbara Kean, whom everyone hated from the first season, has become likeable as a villain. Where was this Barbara been in the first season? She showed Jim Gordon her true colors as she has one of other villains beat up Gordon. There are theories about Barbara such as being the mother of either Barbara and James Jr. or Harley Quinn. Anyone of those theories could work, but I’d rather go with Barbara and James Jr.

The major character death was Sarah Essen who was just made Commissioner after Loeb stepped down. The moment that Jerome and his henchmen attacked the police, it was over for Sarah Essen and her being killed by Jerome was a nod to the comics, where the Joker killed her when she was Gordon’s wife. It’s possible that the actress may have gotten a new gig elsewhere that facilitate it. I wish they would have kept her around and stay true to the mythos. Her death resulted in Harvey Bullock returning to the police after turning down Jim’s offer. Now who will become Commissioner from this point onward?

A much better episode than the premiere that’s for sure.


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