Arrow – Restoration review

The episode picks up where last episode left off when Dinah Laurel and Thea go to Nanda Parbat in an attempt to restore Dinah Laurel’s sister, Sara, back to life. This storyline is an attempt to make up for last year as Dinah Laurel was the only one who didn’t see or knew what happened to Thea until last episode. Returning are Malcolm Merlyn and Nyssa Al Ghul, who are fighting over the future of the League of Assassins as Nyssa still does not acknowledge Malcolm as the rightful ruler. As Malcolm would go with Dinah Laurel’s idea, Nyssa refuses knowing it would bring consequences. Behold that Sara returns, but seemingly without a soul as she tries to attack everyone, including Dinah Laurel. We may have an idea how Constantine will fit in for the next episode or two.

While that was going on, there is tension between Oliver and Diggle over secrets that Diggle kept from the others for the past two years. It shows how much he has learned from the team and Felicity called both of them out for not working together well when they should have.

The scenes with Felicity and Curtis Holt were interesting in how they deal with metahumans such as the card-carrying player. It brings out the best in Felicity, who seems to get a phone call from Ray Palmer. Felicity only let out part of her secret in that she works with Green Arrow. Let’s keep in mind that both this and Flash are setting up for the upcoming spinoff series, Legends of Tomorrow.

Another good episode from Arrow.


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