Supergirl – Pilot review

The wait is over and the Supergirl TV series has just debuted with a pilot episode that sets up the characters and their relationships as well as the plot. It’s what all TV pilots do to launch their series going forward. We are introduced to Superman’s younger cousin, Kara Zor-El, who is based on the Jeph Loeb version where she was supposed to look after her cousin and not the other way around. The first 10-12 minutes set up her backstory and what she is doing in her normal life while having these powers. While Smallville took 10 years for Clark to fly, wear the suit, and become Superman, here in Supergirl Kara gets into it very quickly.

It is a good thing that Superman is already established in this world as the only thing he did was to give Kara a home with Human parents much like Kal-El did with his. They were talking about Superman’s influence with everyone on Earth. The idea is for Kara to stand out on her own and find her own way like Kal-El did with his.

The main characters in the show are Jimmy Olsen, who has become art director for the Tribune in National City; Cat Grant, who runs the Tribune newspaper and magazine and digital; Winslow Schott Jr, who also works at the Tribune with Kara; Alex Danvers, Kara’s adopted sister; and Hank Henshaw, military general for the government as he looks for extra-terrestrial threats. They set up Kara’s relationships with all these characters as to show different sides of her.

The villain is someone from Krypton who seems to be related to Kara and the main villain was not revealed until the end when it happens to be the evil twin sister of Kara’s mother, Allura. She was created for the TV show and the only one to do so.

The tone of the show is bright, fun, and optimistic unlike the darker shows Arrow and Gotham. The show was created by Greg Berlanti, who also created Arrow, Flash, and the upcoming DC Legends of Tomorrow. However, it’s on the CBS network after the CW network passed on it. There is talk of a crossover with Supergirl, but the problem is that they will have to explain Superman’s presence unless it’s a Multiverse. However, I don’t see it happening as I think Supergirl can stand on her own. The look of the show is a cross between the Christopher Reeve movies and Man of Steel.

The pilot was leaked early this year as there have been some changes between the leaked version and the final version onscreen. I enjoyed it as it feels like a Supergirl movie, but I’ve said the same thing about the other shows. Great start to the Supergirl series. She has just arrived.


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