The Flash – Fury of The Firestorm review

Picking up where last episode left off, the episode deals with the debuts of Jason Jackson and the Harrison Wells of Earth-2. It is also one of the setup episodes for the upcoming spinoff DC Legends of Tomorrow. As Professor Stein’s condition has worsened, he needs a new host to bind with and there two candidates for it – one of the is the aforementioned Jackson and the other is a scientist named Hewitt. Barry goes with Jason while Caitlin Snow goes with Hewitt. It turns out that Barry was right with his choice while Caitlin is wrong with hers.

We meet the Harrison Wells of Earth-2, who has jumped to our world for a reason. Joe West and Patty Spivot are the first to find out after Dr. Tina McGhee told them about it, but for some reason Joe wants to keep this a secret from Barry and Patty isn’t good at lying. It’s going to be interesting to see how this will turn out in the next episode.

They teased Shark King and they delivered in the similar manner they did with Gorilla Grodd. I would like to see Grodd and Shark King team-up down the line.

Meanwhile, Iris has her own storyline with family issues when she meets her mother and it isn’t a good one on both counts as she does not want anything to do with her ever again. Then they teased the coming of Wally West, who will be her younger brother in this show instead of nephew from the comics. They’re doing this to simply fill time.

This episode has plenty of teases, but only one has delivered. So next week should be the start of the November Sweeps for this and other DCU shows. Good episode overall.


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