Gotham – Mommy’s Little Monster review

A string of deaths are occurring as of late in this season. Early in the season, we lost Sarah Essen. Last week, we lost Ms. Kringle at the hands of Edward Nygma. Now Penguin’s mother is now dead. Their deaths affect both Penguin and Nygma greatly as their shreds of humanity are gone thus graduating into the full villains. I knew Penguin’s mother was dead the minute Theo Galavan captured her to get at Penguin. As Jim Gordon learned the truth about Galavan, he vows to take him down.

Meanwhile we have a triangle involving Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle, and Silver St. Cloud. This comes across as creepy, but they should have made Bruce Wayne at least 18 years instead of 12 or 13 as there is not much you can do with him other than going to school. You can tell that both Selina and Silver don’t like each other from the start and they’re fighting over Bruce’s affections.

Someone made a comment that sums up the problem of this episode – Bruce and Alfred are the only protagonists who are left out of the main plots. It shows you that they don’t know what to do with Bruce and Alfred as they come off as extraneous and unnecessary. I like to buy into the Rise of the Villains theme, but I like to know how this will affect Bruce and Alfred and so far I’ve seen only little. An okay episode at best.

Since Supergirl premiered, I’m losing interest in Gotham as I’ve said on forums that I will be watching online.


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