The Flash – Enter Zoom review

In the second part of an arc, The Flash decides to face Zoom alone but will need Dr. Light to do so. However, Dr. Light uses invisibility to escape so they use the real Linda Park to take her place as they train her in how to use Dr. Light’s powers. There is potential for Linda to continue as Dr. Light, but I didn’t expect Barry to reveal his identity to her. This is part of the November sweeps.

Meanwhile there is tension between Cisqo and Earth-2 Dr. Wells as Wells does not Cisqo to be near him knowing that he can use his vibrations to get secrets. Eventually Cisqo found out why Wells wanted Zoom and that’s over his daughter, Jessie, who is captured by Zoom alive.

The chemistry between Barry and Patty Spivot is still there and they are growing closer than ever more so than Barry and Iris ever will and that is saying something right there. All of these comedic and romantic moments are basically the calm before the storm and the storm is none other than Zoom himself.

We get a taste of what Zoom can do and he is proven to be more menacing, more threatening, and deadlier than the Reverse Flash. Barry tries to use everything Jay taught him and it hasn’t worked against Zoom. Barry got owned by Zoom big time and we can now see why Jay feels Barry is not ready and why he is a speeding nightmare. There are theories as to who Zoom is, but I enjoy the mystery and darkness that goes with him. I have a feeling that Zoom’s speed is the combination of his own, Jay Garrick’s, and perhaps Jessie’s that may prove why Barry was not effective against him.

The easter egg we got is a nod to Flashpoint where instead of Thomas Wayne as Batman, we have Robert Queen as the Hood or Arrow in Earth-2. I wonder if the Robert Queen Arrow will crossover to our world and meet Oliver. One of the best episodes of this season and its equivalent to last season’s Man In The Yellow Suit. Great episode overall.


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