Gotham – A Bitter Pill To Swallow review

Jim Gordon’s descent continues as we are starting to see why he and Bruce will become allies in the future. Since this season started, we have been wondering which side of Gordon is going to come out to the fore – one who will uphold the law or one who will go murderous. By the end of the episode, we still don’t know which and I don’t think the writers do either.

Speaking of Bruce, he was about to sell Wayne Enterprises shares until both Alfred and Selina intervened. Nice to see he’s wearing that turtleneck as I know the showrunners have to be fans of the first two Tim Burton Batman movies.

Since the Joker Jerome story arc, the show lost my interest until this one when they brought in a gory villain in Eduardo Flamingo who eats victim’s skins. He’s almost up there with Jerome.

Nice to see Chief Barnes opening up since his debut and the pairing of Penguin and future Riddler, Edward Nygma, is their attempt to fill the void left by Jerome. With Theo incarcerated and Barbara sidelined from her fall, it was up to Tabitha to step up the plate.

I have to wonder why this wasn’t pulled in the wake of the Paris attacks and they could have bring in another Gotham episode to replace it. An okay episode.


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