iZombie – Abra Cadaver review

This latest episode is where things are starting to progress as Liv takes on the brains of a dead magician, conveniently named Sid Wicked, to find out who killed him. She and Clyde discover that there are 200 rival magicians who wanted him dead. When I see Liv perform magic, it makes me wish that the actress would play Raven from the Teen Titans and appear in either Supergirl, Arrow, Flash, or DC Legends.

There is progress because Liv and Blaine reluctantly team-up to learn that there is an organization killing zombies, which Major is involved in. It will definitely become complicated for Liv and Major, who just rekindled their relationship. I never cared for the will they, won’t they aspect of the show or any other CW shows for that matter because it leads nowhere. iZombie is not a soap opera for those wondering.

Notice that Clyde is the only one who still doesn’t know Liv is a zombie while everyone else does. I’m not sure if they’re progressing Clyde as they should. Good episode overall.


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