Star Wars Rebels – Blood Sisters review

After last week’s episode that focused on Hera, this latest one focuses on Sabine and we knew not much about her other than trained at the Imperial Academy. We knew nothing about her life prior to the Rebels. With the appearance of her old friend, Ketsu, we find out that Sabine was a bounty hunter who was abandoned by Ketsu for the Empire. Since then, Ketsu’s part of the Black Sun. I’m amazed the Black Sun still exists after thousands of years since the Old Republic.

I felt Ezra wasn’t needed nor should Hera, but it’s nice to see the relationship between Sabine and Chopper. Ezra pointed out that Sabine was a loner among the Rebels, but the problem here is that we never saw it. This was exposition at its finest. It’s a filler episode at best.

It’s also the first episode without Kanan and Zeb. Still no Ahsoka and no Rex this time either. I have to wonder if they’re using this time properly in this season as 22 episodes may be stretching it. An okay episode at best.


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