Star Wars Rebels – Stealth Strike review

The episode deals with the antagonistic relationship between Kanan and Captain Rex over Ezra and Kanan’s mistrust of clones who killed the Jedi with Order 66. The partnership came about because of Hera who basically set all of this in motion and I’m surprised she hasn’t been used much in this episode as she should. Deep down, Kanan does trust Rex more than he cares to admit when he rescued him from the Imperials’ torture.

Ezra has grown as a character when he now values teamwork than self-interests from the first season. His lightsaber skills showed growth, but I just wished they showed it. He is training under both Kanan and Rex in lightsaber and firepower. He also knew who to escape with ease, but it was the Rebels leader Commander Sato who was held captive. Ezra and Chopper tried to find ways to stop the Imperial ship that was armed with anti-gravity that can pull a ship in hyperspace from the distance.

I’d say this was a better episode than last week’s filler that focused on Sabine. I hope they get back on track, but Zeb is the only one who hasn’t had a character-centric episode so far so I hope that’s coming sooner than later. Great episode overall. 


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