iZombie – Cape Town review

The show seems to cash in on the superhero genre that’s prevalent in CW and it’s joining in on the action as Liv takes on the brain of someone fighting crime as a caped vigilante. We see what police officers do when they uphold the law and what vigilantes do when they take the law into their own hands. It also focused on Liv’s identity issues where she can no longer hide being a zombie and broke off things with Major once and for all. This back and forth thing between Liv and Major is turning me off.

After the events of the episode, Liv and Clyde broke up their working relationship and I guess Liv no longer works in the police force as a crime mortician with Ravi. Speaking of Ravi, he may have found a cure for the zombie virus as it’s the show’s goal of whether Liv wants to be Human again or not. Good midseason finale overall.


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