The Flash – Running To Stand Still review

The midseason finale of the Flash is a Christmas-themed episode where everyone celebrates the holidays before the New Year. To liven things up in the episode, we have three returning villains in Captain Cold, Trickster, and Weather Wizard. There are tensions among the villains, especially between Captain Cold and Weather Wizard. The plot was putting bombs in the presents of the families’ homes and Flash may not save all of them at once. It is also focused on Patty Spivot.

The relationship between Barry and Patty is being tested when Weather Wizard is in town and that Patty’s dad was killed by him before he was Weather Wizard. Patty is willing to put the law aside and take matters into her own hands. She has taken a dark turn somewhat since last episode when she shot Earth-2 Harrison Wells and this episode amplified it. It looks like the crossover episode, this one, and next year’s episode is a story arc for Patty than anyone else.

How nice to see Jay Garrick and Harrison Wells working together, even though they’re not still best friends nor will they ever be. Behind everyone’s back, Wells makes a deal with Zoom to help him steal Barry’s speed once Barry gets faster. This will cause more friction between Team Flash and Wells as most of them are trying very hard to trust him. I was hoping Zoom would do something impactful like he did in Enter Zoom, but this wasn’t the case.

Most of the episode was filler with the three villains and the ending that saved it. Good episode overall.


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