Star Wars Rebels – Legacy review

I’m kind of disappointed with this episode and the way it was teased from the trailers because last episode was a hard act to follow. Here it looked like they were teasing Ezra would reunite with his parents and that we might see a two-on-two with Kanan and Ezra versus the Inquisitors. Unfortunately none of these things happened and instead it was built up to Ezra learning the fate of his parents once and for all. It seemed like they had to get the obligatory of Ezra’s parents mystery out of the way before dealing with the rest of the season, but this was something that could have happened back in the first season.

After Ahsoka owned the Inquisitors in last episode, I don’t know how the Inquisitors may recover from this type of loss that made them looked bad. If Ahsoka could take them on by herself, Kanan should also since he defeated the Grand Inquisitor from last season. The writing was inconsistent where we saw him struggling against the Inquisitors when he shouldn’t. Not sure this was a good way to end the first half of the season. An okay midseason finale.


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