Supergirl – Hostile Takeover review

Supergirl gets its midseason finale when she deals with the returning Astra and her Kryptonian army. Astra reveals some truths about Kara’s mother Allura that changes the relationship between them, but she still can’t be trusted when the DEO discovered her true plans as the Kryptonians, led by Astra’s husband Non, invade Lord Technologies. The episode ended in a cliffhanger when Supergirl and Non collide.

The relationship between Kara and Cat has changed in a big way after Kara, Jimmy, and Winn discovered the true culprit behind Cat’s email scandals. I didn’t think it was going to happen for Cat this soon, but I have to wonder what she will do with it from this point forward. She is starting to grow on me.

The triangle of Kara, Jimmy, and Winn should have been put to rest when Jimmy addresses Winn’s hesitation of making a move towards Kara. I agree as both Jimmy and Lucy Lane are a couple, but I don’t know why the writers continue to insists on this pointless triangle. I’ve said before that Winn is not doing it for me and I can see be the one to die at the end of the first season.

There are nods to Man of Steel such as the way Supergirl punches Astra. It could have taken place in Man of Steel if it wanted to if the people at DC Comics and WB would let them be in the same universe. Hostile Takeover is their answer to Man of Steel and when Supergirl says that Superman doesn’t kill, I was happy and hope this would get the message through to the movie people. A great midseason finale.


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