Supergirl – Childish Things review

Up until this episode, Winn Schott Jr served no purpose in the series. He was extraneous and unnecessary since James Olsen knows his secret and there were feelings between Kara and James. Unfortunately we were given a love triangle between Kara, James, and Winn Jr. There was also another love triangle involving Kara, James, and Lucy Lane. The comic book fans know that Winn Schott Jr is the son of Toyman, but the characters themselves don’t know.

This episode addresses Winn Jr, his relationship with Kara, and his relationship with his father the Toyman. Everything was going fine for Kara, Winn, and the others until they heard the news involving the Toyman’s escape and this brings out Winn Jr’s dark side. If anything, it’s a great spotlight for Winn Jr. The writers kept it consistent that Kara knows what Winn is going through since her aunt Astra is evil as well.

I don’t know why Cat Grant didn’t do a background check on Winn. Speaking of Cat, she offers Lucy Lane a job at Catco and Lucy eventually accepts just to be closer to James. It’s also the series reminder of Lois as well. I just find Lucy more attractive than Lois, but we also get insights about her sibling relationship with Lois that isn’t positive.

The flying scene between Supergirl and Martian Manhunter is among the highlights and Manhunter is where Kara used to be at in terms of hiding his powers. Both Kara and Alex are trying to get him to be open about it, but during Manhunter’s time at Lord Technologies he did a couple of things he didn’t want to do and made several discoveries that will lead into the next several episodes. Great setup there.

The stuff with Alex and Max Lord was interesting, but if Alex thought she could outwit Max she’s in for a rude awakening. Especially at the end with Max as he’s catching on. Max may give Lex and Lionel Luthor a run for their money for the title of top villain.

Despite the spotlight on Winn and his relationship with Kara, that relationship has actually reached a dead end. This may cause Kara to rethink it since Winn Jr is concerned about turning into his father. Great episode of Supergirl and for Winn Schott Jr. They made Toyman creepier than the one in Smallville.


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