Batman Bad Blood review

Bad Blood is the latest Batman animated movie that is set in the same universe as Son of Batman, Batman Vs. Robin, and the New 52 Justice League animated films. It’s about Batman presumed dead when he and Batwoman were working together against a group of nun-like ninjas, assassins, and the main villain Talia Al Ghul, whose true plan was revealed later in the film. With Batman’s absence, a number of his related heroes stepped up.

We have Nightwing Dick Grayson assuming the Batman mantle just like in Grant Morrson’s run in the comics as he and Robin Damian Wayne are the new Dynamic Duo. It’s a great dynamic where you have a light-hearted Batman and a dark Robin that is reverse to Bruce and Dick when Bruce is the dark Batman and Dick was the light-hearted Robin. From there, they team up with Batwoman and another new viglante hero named Luke Fox, son of Lucius Fox, aka Batwing. There was tension when they first started working together as I feel they have done fine without Bruce. I would like to see an animated series featuring just these four alone.

There was plenty of intense action and the ending also has one other member of the family joining the fold and it would make Batman fans super happy. The Bat Family is born and it’s a step up from Batman Vs. Robin. Great outing by DC Animated.


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