Star Wars Rebels – The Princess of Lothal review

Returning from hiatus, the latest episode picks up immediately where last episode left off as Ezra mourns the deaths of his parents. This does cause force-sensitive people like him to go to the dark side, it happened with Anakin Skywalker when he lost his mother in Attack of the Clones when he killed the Sand People in Tatooine. Later we see Ezra punching out a Stormtrooper into unconsciousness in front of Kanan. That is a dark side moment. It will likely be amplified with future episodes.

We are introduced to Princess Leia when she was a Senator for Alderaan when the Empire is controlling Coruscant. This is the Leia before the original Star Wars movie. Her feistiness is there and she knows who Kanan and Ezra are as she works with the Rebels, spearheaded by her father. I like this younger version of Leia and I wish there was more for her later in the season, but I understand that this will be her only one for this season.

I think this will be the last time we see Lothal as the Rebels were trying to steal three ships for their team and they needed the Governor’s help in doing so. Kanan’s skills is growing and Ezra has a long way to go in using the Force, but he made a good impression for Princess Leia mostly.

Great episode to start off the second half of the season.


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