Legends of Tomorrow – Pilot Part 1 series premiere review

Legends of Tomorrow is the spinoff from the shared universe of Arrow and Flash. It features characters from both series who have recurred. The characters are Atom Ray Palmer, White Canary Sara Lance, Professor Martin Stein, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Hawkman Carter Hall, Hawkgirl Kendra Saunders, and new Firestorm Jefferson “Jax” Jackson. We also have Gideon who is voiced by a different actress, likely because original voice actress Morena Baccarin is pregnant. It also allows Morena to concentrate on Gotham. They are gathered by a time traveler from 2166 named Rip Hunter, who has a motivation to go back in time to stop the returning villain Vandal Savage. Hunter does the introductions of the heroes and villains he gathers pretty quickly like an overview to get out of the way.

I like that Hunter was giving them an orientation of the mission they undertake and showing them the ship. The bulk of the show was spent in the 70’s where some of the members of the team meet a college professor who has a connection to Carter and Kendra. Meanwhile, Sara, Cold, and Heatwave get a drink at a bar in the 70’s where they have a fight. As this goes on, I feel like Jax is the audience vewpoint of the show. The villain of the show is Chronos who is sent by the Time Masters to stop Rip Hunter. Then comes the twist involving Rip. This was when we get to the heart of the show.

The first half of the premiere has great character moments and is much more fast-paced compared to Flash and Arrow. It wasn’t dull and I loved every minute of it. This is what Flash and Arrow used to be. It felt like a feature film. The only mistake was to air this in two-parts instead of two-hours. Great start to Legends of Tomorrow overall.


2 thoughts on “Legends of Tomorrow – Pilot Part 1 series premiere review

    1. The first season was good because of Rip Hunter and his leadership and it had a great storyline with Vandal Savage. Second season had the right idea with the Justice Society in the beginning, but was muddled in the second half. The third season so far is okay, but I’m glad there’s going to be a shakeup a little bit in the team as they’re getting stale.

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