Supergirl – Strange Visitor From Another Planet review

After last week’s episode that focused on Winn Schott, Jr., this week’s episode focuses on Martian Manhunter/ Hank Henshaw. The villain for this episode is a White Martian, whose race has wiped out Martian Manhunter’s race. The flashback on Mars was a nod to the Holocaust. Here we have a twist involving both the White Martian and a Senator who has an anti-alien stance. This brings out a side of Hank Henshaw that neither Supergirl or Alex have seen before. The fights and special FX are top notch.

The subplot for this episode has Cat Grant’s older son, Adam, arriving in National City to try to have a relationship with his mother until both Cat and Adam found out that Kara wrote a letter impersonating Cat. While Supergirl may be saving lives, Kara learns to know about boundaries and let other people solve their own problems as herself. With all this family soap opera, Kara ends up forming a relationship with Adam that would complicate her relationship with Cat.

The good stuff involving the DEO and the Martians is one that interests me the most and yet they didn’t exactly integrate Supergirl more as I had hoped and this one of the criticisms that I had with the show. It was like this in Smallville as well. They need to make Supergirl more involved with the main plots instead of being benched by soap opera dramas.

I enjoyed the end setup for the next episode when Kara and Alex see the appearance of Supergirl on the news and we know who this will be if anyone read the Superman and Supergirl comics. Great episode overall.


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