Star Wars Rebels – The Protector of Concord Dawn review

After last week’s appearance of Princess Leia and the focus on Ezra, we have an episode that focuses on Kanan and Sabine where they go back to a planet that’s occupied by the Mandalorians who work with the Empire. Both Kanan and Sabine have different reasons for going there as Hera is injured as she was battling them – Kanan wants the Mandalorian leader to join the Rebels while Sabine wants revenge against him for hurting her. Both have cases as Kanan worked with him during the Clone Wars and Sabine is from the House of Viszla as in Shay Viszla from the Old Republic.

It was a relief to focus on the other characters after seeing so much focus on Ezra and after his dark side moments, but so far there doesn’t seem much emphasis on Zeb since this season started and I hope they address that. Kanan is showing why he’s the leader of the group.

Good episode overall.


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