Legends of Tomorrow – Pilot Part 2 review

In a followup to last week’s first part, the team goes to Norway in 1975 to try to steal a nuclear missile from Vandal Savage, who is revealed to be the seller. It was in that auction where we also see Damian Dahrk, who knows everyone in his organization. The moment Savage senses the presence of the Hawks, the plan went down. That combined with Professor Stein’s interaction with one of the people at the black market auction showed by Savage was one step ahead of them. While this was a great opening, they encountered another problem which was a great turning point with a piece of the Atom’s technology in the hands of Savage that caused a time change where it’s apocalyptic in both Central City and Star City.

The bulk of the mission is to retrieve both the Atom’s tech as well as the dagger that Savage used to kill the Hawks in their life time. It was during the middle part of the episode where we got to see some interesting character relationships such as Professor Stein’s interaction with his younger self and the tension between Atom and Captain Cold that results in them being jailed by Savage. The action in both Norway and Savage’s house was intense and top notch and it’s up there with Supergirl’s fights and effects as well.

The episode saw the shocking death of one of their own that makes me wonder if we will see an alternate version of Hawkman down the line or that Rip Hunter will recruit another hero or villain to replace that person killed. Put the two parts of the pilot together and it does feel like a movie that you can’t get tired of seeing again. A great start to the series and unlike Flash, Arrow, and even Supergirl, this show is light on romance drama.


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