Supergirl – For The Girl Who Has Everything review

The highly-anticipated episode is based on the classic Superman comics story, For The Man Who Has Everything, written by Alan Moore. The producers felt that it makes more sense to fit this story for Kara than Kal-El, mainly because she remembers Krypton a lot more than him. We see what she really wants and that’s her Kryptonian family. This also sees the debut of young Kal-El, who did great. If he recurs, he could be either in flashbacks as it relates to the Kents or a Superboy clone from Cadmus down the line. The Black Mercy came out awesome in live-action.

Supergirl was originally going to be 13 episodes and this was written before the extension. According to cast member, Jeremy Jordan this was supposed to be the finale. I think the ending with Non was likely an additional shoot when they got the extension order from the network.

With Supergirl in the clutches of the Black Mercy, it was up to the supporting cast to step up. There was a lot of firsts in this one such as the interaction between Cat and Winn, whom to my knowledge never interacted before until now and it’s not positive as it relates to Kara. We also see Jimmy and Winn interacting with Hank for the first time, along with being in the DEO. Matter of fact, there are hints as to where Winn may be going. If Winn is to be fired from Catco, he could work for the DEO as the show’s equivalent to Cisqo Ramon from the Flash.

The episode clearly belonged to Alex who showed great range as an actress, especially in the fantasy Krypton scenes. Supergirl could have figured this out on her own just like Superman did in the original comic story. It made her look weak if she didn’t  figure out on her own like that. The climax of this episode was epic and there was a shocking moment where Astra was killed by Alex when she fought Martian Manhunter. This along the fact that Hank lied to Kara and took the blame will be the source of a rift between Kara and Alex as well as the DEO. What Alex did was the result of what has been happening to her in the last few episodes as she’s going dark. I have a feeling that Alex is going down the dark path and Non now has a reason to go after the humans as he is targeting the Supergirl and the DEO. Max Lord felt like a background character  in all of this.

It was funny seeing Hank impersonate character to deal with Cat Grant, who threatens to fire her out of anger and hurt. Hank now knnows what it’s like to be in Kara’s shoes as her assistant. Everyone in this episode has a purpose unlike last week. No redundancy is shown.

Great episode overall and the ratings went back up as it should.


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