Arrow – Sins of the Fathers review

The title of the episodes refers to Malcolm Merlyn and The Calculator, the fathers of Thea Queen and Felicity Smoak respectively. Both of them are very selfish, methodical, and self-serving and will do anything to use their children to their owns despite what they claim of doing it out of love for them. The main storyline for the episode was that Nyssa Al Ghul wants Oliver to get Malcolm to relinquish leadership of the League of Assassins and in return gives him the cure for Thea, who is dying from bloodlust. While Oliver deals with Malcolm, Dinah Laurel deals with Nyssa as Team Arrow is caught in the civil war among the League. I will say that Dinah Laurel has a stronger sense of justice than Oliver does.

I didn’t expect Oliver to do what he did to Malcolm if anyone watches Empire Strikes Back, but many of the goals are accomplished in this episode as Nyssa disbands the League while Oliver gets the Lotus and others things to cure Thea. What Malcolm has done is something only he would do in addition to trying to revive Vandal Savage at the end of the recent crossover. Now we know whose grave it will be and why Flash Barry Allen attended as they had us think it would be any of the Arrow cast. That was just them playing tricks on the people who hated Felicity Smoak and her relationship with Oliver.

The relationship between Felicity and her father Calculator parallels what was going on between Oliver and Malcolm. Felicity wasn’t interested in rekindling her relationship with her father and he knew it. But she also knows what he’s capable of. Fortunately it took a backseat to the main storyline as we don’t want too much emphasis on her.

Good episode to bookend the League of Assassins storyline as the League is portrayed as a joke.


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