Duel Jewel Disbands After 19 Years

The theatrical rock group from Japan called Duel Jewel is disbanding after 19 years due to vocalist Hayato’s throat condition, which he took time out in 2011 to recover and returned almost a year later. It was revealed that it never fully recovered. The band announced last year that they will disband today, which is the day of their final live show as of this writing. It is the end of an era for visual kei fans who supported the group over the years.

Duel Jewel was formed in 1997 by guitarist Shun and drummer Val with singer Hayato and guitarist Yuya joining. Natsuki was the last to join the group and the lineup became the one that fans know best. My exposure to Duel Jewel came about through an anime magazine that did a feature of them. They were the first visual kei band to come to the America.

The band has released albums, including Lapidary, and performed throughout Japan, America, and Europe and signed with several record labels in Japan. We want to thank Duel Jewel for the great memories they gave us and wish them well in their future endeavors. It’s been a great ride.


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