Arrow – Taken review

Thanks to Malcolm Merlyn, Damian Dahrk has found a way to get the edge over Oliver and that was to kidnap his child, William, and get him to suspend his campaign for Mayor. We find out what has happened to Constantine as it was their way of telling us that he was a one-off. So Oliver thought of Mari McCabe aka Vixen, who makes her debut. She draws on the animals through her magical totem. She did a great job as Vixen as I hope she recurs in Arrow, appear in Flash or Legends. I have to say she is fitting into the team perhaps to fill the void left by Atom Ray Palmer, who stars in Legends.

In seeing how Damian has become too powerful, they finally found the edge to gain the upper hand against him. My reaction was like ‘finally’. Looks like most people knew about his child, except for Felicity. The way she reacted was unreal and unreasonable. Why should she be upset? It’s not her child. She went so far as to end their engagement, but I feel this is the right all as many fans, including myself, are getting tired of this thing with Oliver and Felicity. I understand she did the same thing back then so they’re pulling a Chloe Sullivan. The ending shows the dishonesty  of their relationship as Felicity reveals to get up from the wheelchair and walk out fine.

Meanwhile, Thea and Malcolm have a heart-to-heart that results in her shunning him away as they knew he told Damian about William. The question is this – if it’s not William in the grave, then who is it?

A good episode for the Vixen debut while I don’t care for the Felicity stuff.


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