Gotham – Mr. Freeze review

Gotham returns from a long hiatus with an episode that saw the debuts of Mr. Freeze and Hugo Strange. They have shook up the show in a big way when Mr. Freeze steals medical stuff from the pharmacy stores because his wife, Nora, has some kind of disease in her. He ends up becoming a threat to the police after they captured Penguin. I believe this is a big refresher for the villains because Penguin to me represents a status quo that needs to be shaken up.

Jim Gordon is getting heat from his boss and the police about Theo Galavan’s death and Penguin wouldn’t let him get away with it this time. We see Penguin having nothing to lose since his mother is gone. Nice to see interactions between Penguin and Edward Nygma, who is questioned by Jim about Ms. Kringle’s disappearance. They are keeping with the theme of the Wrath of the Villains this season.

Meanwhile, Bruce is on the trail of his parents’ killer and confronts someone, whom he thinks killed his parents. His detective skills is showing hence why he will become Batman.

Good episode to return with.


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