Supergirl – Solitude review

Solitude is about the debut of Indigo, who is the female descendant of the Brainiac clan. She is revealed to be responsible for Kara’s arrival on Earth, along with Fort Rozz. When we first saw her, she was a hacker who can cause chaos causing accidents in National City. Then we see her meet Supergirl for the first time and the fights between Supergirl and Indigo proved that Indigo is among the top villains for Supergirl, along with LiveWire. Indigo also has ties with Non, who can see right through her. Laura Vandervoort, who played Supergirl on Smallville, did well as Indigo even though she resembles Mystique from the X-Men movies.

The storyarc is actually Alex holding a dark secret of killing Astra against her will at Hank’s behest so that the bond between the sisters is strong. When she told Kara the truth, it was powerful, dramatic, and emotional and it got to me. I am glad Alex decides to tell Kara the truth herself rather than using some stupid cliche device of Kara finding out through other people, which would take away from dramatic moments. The end between Kara, Alex, and Hank was symbolic.

As Kara and Winn are no longer a romantic item, Winn pursues Siobhan who brushes him off at first and at the end kisses him after saving the world from Indigo. Winn needs to quit Catco or be fired by Cat. Let the DEO take Winn as their ITT tech person and make him the show’s equivalent to Cisqo Ramon of the Flash. At least he has a purpose.

As much as I didn’t care for Jimmy Olsen and Lucy Lane, they started the love triangle between they and Kara and Lucy almost put two and two together. I wonder if this is the start of Lucy becoming Superwoman like the comics.

The Fortress looked awesome and it was more like the comics version than either the Superman movies or Smallville. I didn’t think they would use the Key, but it was executed well. There were Easter eggs such as the Legion of Superheroes ring. The same ring we saw in Flash when he traveled through the Multiverse. It’s clear that Supergirl will be the show that will have the Legion of Superheroes. I hope they bring in the Legion for a second season if the show gets a renewal. It was also good to see Kelex back and he needs to be Kara’s inner circle support much like Gideon of Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

Great episode overall.


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