Star Wars Rebels – Shroud of Darkness review

After having difficulty finding a base for the Rebels, Kanan and Ezra keep running into the Sith Inquisitors. So instead of rendezvous with the Rebellion, they rendezvous with their Ghost crew as to avoid endangering the rest. Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka head to the Jedi Temple in Lothal. For Kanan and Ezra, this is their return trip. For Ahsoka, this is her first time. Since Ahsoka left the Order, she can’t activate the temple. As they go inside, all three meditate and have separate individual paths to go through.

Kanan’s path saw him entering a Jedi training room when he encounters a Jedi Temple Guard, who tells him that Ezra will be tempted by the Dark Side. As Kanan fought several more Jedi Temple Guards, he gets knighted and the guard reveals himself to be the Grand Inquisitor from the first season. It’s sad that we learn more about the Grand Inquisitor in this episode than we ever did in the first season. It was awesome seeing those Jedi Temple Guards when they took on the Sith Inquisitors, who seized control of the Lothal Jedi Temple for the returning Darth Vader.

Ezra’s path saw him interact with Yoda, who we see for the first time as Yoda warns him of being seduced by the Dark Side and choosing how to win against the Empire. Yoda tells Ezra to go Malekore 3, which is likely a Sith world. I have to wonder why Yoda would send him there. It was cool seeing Yoda waving at Ahsoka as they were escaping the temple.

Ahsoka’s path saw her talking to her old master, Anakin Skywalker, and learns the truth – Anakin is Darth Vader. She will likely have to figure out how he became this Sith Lord. What this episode serves is a preview of the final 4 to 5 episodes of the season. A hint of things to come and this was one of the best episodes of the season after several episodes of pointless filler. Anything involving the Jedi and Sith is going to be a favorite.

Great episode overall.


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